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Creative Multimedia
With the convergence of electronics, computing, and telecommunications, the demand for content globally will be unprecedented. Propelling this will be the availability of newer and faster delivery platforms and devices through which information and entertainment will be distributed and broadcasted.

Everyone from filmgoers to Internet users and educationists, student, engineers, and businessman will generate this demand for content. Content that will be required for a variety of daily needs - from information, learning, skills development, entertainment, telecommunications, edutainment to news. Convergence has resulted in not only a greater demand for creative content, but requires it to sustain commercial viability.

MSC Malaysia has long recognized the importance of creative multimedia, content as value adding components that cut across entire industries. With more and more companies already involved in a wide range of content creation activities to meet demand, it makes perfect business sense to focus on these high growth areas.
To catalyze the growth of the Creative Multimedia Industry in the MSC, a dedicated Creative Multimedia Department was set-up in the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC), the corporation tasked to oversee the MSC's development.
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As Creative Multimedia is one of the strategic thrust areas in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), the department is to develop a fully integrated & self-contained environment for the Creative Multimedia Industry to achieve:
Economic wealth creation
Bridging the digital divide

Content & creativity driving technology applications domestically Local capability to fill the pipes with local content as vehicles for nation building and preservation of domestic arts, culture, and heritage
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